Hotel Rougemont & Spa

Sometimes you just need to get away, but you don’t know when & where to go.

Hotel Rougemont & Spa
offers excellence, comfort and family friendly staff

When we visited the Hotel Rougemont & Spa recently, we had the pleasure of experiencing fully the excellent service first-hand from the family-friendly staff at the hotel.

Hotel Rougemont & Spa employees speaks 9 different languages, and each staff member gives their heart to providing top service.

The General Manager, Mme Yi Ju Yan says in an interview that she believes that travelling the world opens the minds of people, so she tries to surround herself with people who have travelled extensively. “People who are used to travel a lot react better in different situations and have open mind.” Once hired, a new employee becomes part of a family that is built on trust, transparency, and care for one another. Mme Yi Ju Yan views work as an environment of friendship, with a mutual sharing of ideas and responsibilities.

That’s was exactly what we discovered during our stay. Now for you to do experience the same.

Where to find Hotel Rougemont & Spa.

The 4-star Hotel Rougemont & Spa is situated in the village of Rougemont, just 7 kilometres away from Gstaad, which is one of the most well-known and prestigious destinations in Switzerland. This entire region has managed to retain its authentic Alpine style with green pastures, groomed cows, wildlife, clear rivers, and a wide network of trails for year-round outdoor activities. With luxury hotels, high-end shopping, an airport, and world-class cultural and sporting events, the region has much to offer to new visitors.
The rooms at Hotel Rougemont & Spa provide comfort and peace in a luxury fashion. The calming aesthetic helps your body unwind, aiding you in getting a good sleep. This is important to actively support the recovery which is vital to your physical health and psychological well-being. This is why sleep takes up nearly one-third of your life.
Restaurant Le Roc by Edgard is an experience of its own at Hotel Rougemont & Spa.

The restaurant is set up by the famous chef of the Lausanne-Palace who lives in Rougemont. “La carte” is a collection of recipes from Edgard Bovier, who have supervised the kitchen of this brilliant luxury restaurant.

The restaurant gives an intimate and warm relaxed atmosphere with its creative cuisines combining exceptional fresh and local products. In addition, for your comfort the wine selections is amazing and you can even enjoy a special degustation in the wine bar before the dinner. “What better to enjoy”!

With social commitments and anxieties high, now would be the perfect time to check in to a luxury spa and enjoy some self-care.

However, harnessing creativity in crisis means it’s more than possible to recreate an inspiring spa experience at Hotel Rougemont & Spa.

Granted, with certain facilities and therapists on hand to make your experience complete, comfortable, relaxing and calm. Spending days with outdoor active recovery requires derived exercise also at the spa with fitness, sauna and hammam.

You will leave feeling fitter, saner and refreshed in the absence of the hectic outside world.

The uniquely peaceful location for a company meeting or conference is situated with fantastic views of peak Rüebli, the impressive steep mountain face that will take you away from the day-to-day stresses of work.

This setting is perfect to switch the attention of both mind and body, helping you to be fully engaged and focused on the business meeting. We gladly welcome meetings of up to 25 people to enjoy this picturesque setting that will help make your seminar a success. We can provide all the conference equipment and transportations that is needed.

Many choose Hotel Rougemont for
its discretion and quality.

Hotel Rougemont is renowned for its comfort and discretion, which attracts many celebrity and corporate clients. The hotel has an interesting “luxury chalet” as an option for full privacy, or a board meeting setting.

Hotel Rougemont was chosen by the Swiss Federal Council during their summer sejour 2021, selected for its excellence and professional discretion.


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